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Our Story

Australian coffee culture sprinkled with a passion for discovering new grounds from all over the world.

Map Coffee was set up in 2002 with one mission:

Offer great coffee to people no matter where they are.

It’s still a promise that rings true today. From whizzing around Italy on Vespas to finding the best coffee roasters, to travelling the world in search of the most aromatic coffee beans, you can’t say that we’re anything but dedicated to finding the best espresso experiences and bringing them back to Australian consumers, restaurants, cafés, businesses, community clubs and everyone in between.

Map Coffee Cup

We embrace our passionate Australian coffee culture and sprinkle it with the desire to discover new methods of creating the best taste, service and experience for our customers and coffee lovers.

We have continued to grow as a business, and in 2014 we were acquired by Tata Global Beverages, one of the top 10 global players in coffee which we welcomed with open arms because it allowed us to more quickly achieve our mission. Map Coffee partnered with Tata Global Beverages now cater for all hot beverage needs with a selection of quality Tetley teas, Teapigs Super Premium teas, and of course…coffee!

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