Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other brands of coffee capsules in Map coffee machines?

No this will void your warranty and damage Map coffee machines.

What kind of beverages can I make with Map coffee machines?

Espresso, latte, cappuccino, flat white, long black and hot chocolate

How do I prime Map coffee machines?

Fill the water tank with filtered water, then plug into power and turn on the machine. The coffee cup button and indicator lights(s) will blink all together. Place a cup or container on the drip tray directly under the dispensing spout. Press the Long Coffee (medium cup) button and wait as the water fills the cup. Empty the cup and return to the tray. Repeat this process until the indicator light stops blinking. For more detailed instructions please refer to your user manual.

How do I clean Map coffee machines?

You can wipe the outside of Map coffee machines with a damp cloth when required. Empty the contents of the water tank and capsule drawer before cleaning. Remove the capsule container, drip tray and water tank and rinse thoroughly.

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How do I descale Map coffee machines?

Turn off the machine. Lift the lever to empty the capsule chamber, then return to down position. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer, then return to the machine. Fill the water tank with the Map descaling solution and place a cup or container on the drip tray directly under the dispensing spout. 

Press the Espresso (small cup) and Long Coffee (medium cup) buttons at the same time, while turning on the machine. The red and amber lights will blink, indicating the machine is in descaling cycle.
Press the Long Coffee (medium cup) button to begin. The descaling solution will run through the machine in approximately 10-minute intervals for approximately 30 minutes. You must empty your cup as it fills to prevent overflow, then return to the drip tray. Once the descaling cycle is over, the Long Coffee (medium cup) button will blink. 

Carefully rinse out the water tank and fill with fresh drinking water. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer and drip tray, then replace in the machine. Place your cup or container back on the drip tray. 

Press the Long Coffee (medium cup) button to start the rinsing cycle, which will take approximately 3 minutes. Remember to empty your cup as it fills to prevent overflow, then return to the drip tray. Once the cycle is complete, the Long Coffee (medium cup) button will blink. Press the Long Coffee (medium cup) button to quit the cycle. Carefully remove the water tank and fill with fresh drinking water. Empty and rinse out the used capsule drawer and drip tray. 

For more detailed instructions, please refer to your User Manual.
Map descaling solution is available through our online store or at your local Map Coffee retailer.

Who do I contact if my Map coffee machine is not working?

Please read all of these helpful hints, consult your user manual or call our Toll Free number 1800 239 438.

  • Always eject your capsule immediately after use. 

  • To make a long lasting hot coffee try heating your cup with hot water before use. 

  • The drip tray is height-adjustable to cater for all cup sizes. Simply invert your drip tray to adjust the height. 

  • When the amber light is on the machine is in 'automatic descale mode'. Simply follow the descaling instructions above. 

  • When the red light is flashing it means your machine is unable to detect water flow. Check your water tank is fitted at the back of the machine.

When will I receive goods ordered online?

Please note that orders received at or before 11am AEST are processed on the same business day. Orders received after the cut off will be processed the following business day. Your order will be dispatched to you within the next (24) hours at your nominated delivery address. If you do not receive an electronic invoice within 24 hours, please contact Map Coffee customer service on 1800 239 438. Once delivery has been dispatched, please note the below lead times (in business days):

  • VIC       2 working Days  (regional +1 Day)                      
  • SA         3 working Days (regional +1 Day)
  • NSW      4 working Days  (regional +1 Day)    
  • ACT      3 working Days  (regional +1 Day)
  • QLD      5 working Days  (regional +1 Day)              
  • TAS       7 working Days (regional +1 Day)              
  • WA       8 working days (regional +1 Day)
  • NT        8 working days (regional +1 Day)

Do you ship outside of Australia?

No, currently we do not ship outside of Australia.

What is your exchange/return policy?

The consumer must verify the quantity and quality of goods upon delivery and if any of the goods are faulty or incorrectly supplied notify Map Coffee as soon as possible.
To claim a refund or exchange, you must contact Map Coffee on 1800 239 438 prior to returning the goods to your place of purchase. You will be issued with a Return Authorisation Number and will be advised of the process for returning goods.

Do you provide a warranty?

Map Coffee provides a 12 month repair / replacement warranty on all retail products. To be entitled to your 12 month warranty, please retain your original receipt as a proof of purchase. 

PLEASE NOTE: On Map Bravista Coffee machines by Saeco, please call 1300 363 391 (Saeco customer care support)

What does the warranty cover?

The 12 month warranty entitles you to receive full technical support over the phone by calling 1800 239 438. Our trained staff will run through all the necessary troubleshooting steps to ensure your machine is back up and running. This warranty also covers faulty replaceable part/s. Should the Map Coffee customer support team deem that your machine has a fault, you will be provided with return to sender details for the repair or replacement of your appliance under the 12 month warranty. Please do not visit the store of purchase for warranty related issues.

Is there the option for an extended warranty?

To obtain an extended warranty, please make this request at the store of purchase at the point of sale.