Chai Green Matcha Powder 440 Gr

  • $20.93


Arkadia Chai Tea Matcha uses the finest grade of Matcha green tea, combined with subtle aromatic flavours to create a delicious, creamy latte. Matcha tea is shade grown, hand-picked and delicately ground – using the entire leaf to give you more antioxidants and nutrients. Inspired by purity – this product is 100% natural and is free of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners – and is 98% fat free when made according to directions on water.
Green Tea naturally contains antioxidants, which may help the body support its immune system.
Ingredients: Sugar, maltodextrin, glucose syrup solids, vegetable oil, milk solids, matcha green tea (5%), flavours, vegetable gum (guar gum, carrageenan), mineral salts (340, 451, 452), emulsifiers (471, 481, soy lecithin), salt, anticaking agent (551).