Clean Bean Cleaning System 3 tablets & 4 holders (1UNIT)

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Contains: 4 x Map Clean Bean tablets and 3 x reusable tablet holders.

Map Clean Bean universal tablets are designed to rid your machine of old coffee residue and clean the pipes from the capsule right through to the cup to ensure the purest quality coffee every time. Map Clean Bean tablets are seven times more effective at cleaning the machine coffee lines than rinsing through with hot water alone.

That makes Clean Bean different to a descaler, which only cleans the boiler. Clean Bean is a universal tablet that fits and works with most coffee machine systems including Caffitaly, Nespresso, Lavazza A Modo Mio and Expressi (K-fee).

The cleaning tablet simply needs to be passed through the machine through three “long pour” shots until completely dissolved; you then just eject the tablet holder and run through another “long pour” shot to clear residue. It’s a process that takes two minutes or less and sholid be completed once a month for ongoing delicious coffee.

Universal cleaning system
Cleans in 2 minutes
Eco friendly
Rapidly dissolves
7 x more effective than hot water
Safe for all machine parts
Made in Australia.