Clean Bean Machine Descaler 2 doses 250 ml (1 UNIT)

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Contains: 2 x doses descaler liquid (250 ml).

Once hard water scale has formed in a coffee machine’s pipe network, it can only be removed by the use of special acidic descaling products.

Map Clean Bean Descaler has been thoroughly researched and tested to provide excellent scale removal while being safe to use without corrosion.

Fast-acting liquid descaler effectively removes the build-up of hard water scale
Safe for all machine parts
Reduces risk of machine break-down that can occur as a result of blockages
Clean Bean Descaler is registered with two Organic Certification bodies.
Made from a blend of organic acids and is free from phosphates and GMO ingredients.
Can be used on all coffee machine types including – capsule/pod, fully automatic, manual and even on kettles
Made in Australia.